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Speech Language Pathology

At Great Kids Therapy our goal is to help your child functionally communicate in all environments that they participate in. We focus on building on your child’s strengths to help them succeed with communicating their wants, needs, thoughts and ideas. Great Kids Therapy uses a variety of tools and techniques to help build your child’s speech, language, social, feeding, fluency, and/or cognitive skills.


Areas we treat may include but are not limited to:

· Articulation and Phonology (difficulty producing sounds)

· Apraxia of Speech (Motor planning disorders)

· Fluency (stuttering and cluttering)

· Voice (pitch, volume, and quality of voice)

· Expressive (spoken) and Receptive (understanding) language

· Pragmatics (Social Skills)

· Autism Spectrum Disorder

· Chromosomal disorder

· Genetic Disorders

· Brain injuries and concussions

· Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Our Speech Team

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