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Our Approach:

  1. Relationship Development: We build strong, trusting relationships with each child and their family. By understanding their individual personalities, interests, and preferences, we create a nurturing and engaging therapeutic experience.

  2. Education: We believe in empowering families with knowledge and resources. Our team provides ongoing education and support, helping parents and caregivers become active partners in their child's development.

  3. Meeting People Where They Are At: We recognize that every child has a unique starting point in their journey. Our therapies are designed to meet each child at their current level of ability, tailoring interventions for maximum effectiveness.

  4. Strengths-Based Collaborative Approach: We focus on building upon each child's strengths, helping them develop confidence and resilience. Our collaborative approach involves integrating insights from various disciplines to create a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan.


Helping your child gain their independence and strengthen their skills. 

Enhancing your child's strength, coordination, and gross motor skills.

Developing your child's language and communication skills. 

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