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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a kid therapy-related question? Great kids Therapy has the answer. 

Check out these FAQ's and give us a call today for more information. 

What is the process of getting signed up for services?

Schedule a free screening or an evaluation.  A free screening my be a good start when you are unsure if your child is meeting developmental milestones, or if there is a sensory issue or behavioral issue a little beyond typical for their age.   An evaluation may be the first step when your physician has noted concerns and recommended therapy.  Or if you are confident that your child needs help, which is often the case with feeding disorders, and you would like to go ahead with a full evaluation. 

What is needed to schedule an evaluation?

For an evaluation, a physican must fax an "order" for services to 701-540-9044.  Once the order is received, we will call to scheudle a time for the evaluation.  After the evaluation, we have 2 weeks to document the findings and send them tot he physican to obtain a signature.  once the physicaians signature comes back, we can start services. 

Give us a call at 701-205-4194 or email us at

What is the difference between a screening & an evaluation?

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